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Regulation of Economic Activity

New Perspectives on Institutions and Policies
A New Empirical Approach to Regulation

An empirical approach to understanding telecommunications regulation based on the use of a sophisticated engineering cost proxy model.

The Spatial and Political Dimensions of Hazardous Waste Policy
Economic Analysis and British Experience

Their set of original studies of household chemicals, energy audits, and food risk labeling establishes guidelines for the design and evaluation of these informational regulations.

An Economic Analysis

This book surveys the latest changes in the turbulent area of airline deregulation.

Past, Present, and Future

In this book five leading bank scholars explore the safety and soundness of the U.S. banking system in an economic environment where the likelihood of failures of individual banks has significantly increased.

This study warns bankers, regulators, politicians, and taxpayers that no matter how well the deposit-insurance system may have run in the past it is headed for an expensive bureaucratic breakdown.

Deregulating the Airlines narrates and analyzes the decisions taken by the Civil Aeronautics Board during the transition to deregulation and the reasoning behind the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.

Edited by Gary Fromm

"This is a stimulating collection .... Each [paper] makes an original contribution to some aspect of the economics of regulation. "