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Wicksell Lectures

In 1958 the Wicksell Lecture Society, in cooperation with the Social Science Institute of Stockholm University, the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Swedish Economic Association, inaugurated a series of lectures to honor the memory of Knut Wicksell (1851-1926). Until 1975 lectures were given each year. After a period of dormancy the series was reinaugurated in 1979 by the Swedish Economic Association. Starting with the 1982 lectures, a set of lectures has been offered every two years.

Contrary to popular opinion, human resources, in general, and personnel, in particular, are well-suited to economic analysis. Edward Lazear, who founded the subfield of personnel economics, provides a quick introduction for economists who have not studied the area.

Over the past decade, Sanford Grossman's contributions to the economics of information have significantly altered the way economists think about rational expectations. Here his articles are collected in one place, providing a uniform framework for understanding how prices convey information in securities markets.