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Paperback | $41.95 Trade | £28.95 | ISBN: 9780262700542| 7 x 10 in | March 1995

Venice and the Renaissance

Translated by Jessica Levine


Pursuing the intersections of Venetian culture from the beginning of the sixteenth century through the first decades of the seventeenth, Manfredo Tafuri develops a story crowded with characters and full of surprises. He engages the doges Andrea Gritti and Leonardo Dona; architects and artists Sansovino, Serlio, Palladio, and Scamozzi; and scientists Francesco Barozzi and Galileo. He records the battle that was fought for architecture as metaphor for absolute truth and good government, and contrasts these with the myths that inspired them.


"One of architecture's greatest living minds. . . . Tafuri's example hasproved powerfully liberating for the historical imagination."
HerbertMuschamp, New York Times
"Tafuri is one of the most influential figures in architectural history ofthe Renaissance and modern periods today. . . . This is not simply a work aboutVenice's man-made physical environment, but an introduction to the VenetianRenaissance that is likely to be relevant to the work of any scholar concernedwith the culture of that time."
James Ackerman,Renaissance Quarterly