Marc Lowenthal

Senior Acquisitions Editor & Manager, Client Services

Marc oversees the MIT Press’s distributed publishers and acquires the occasional odd trade title, generally in the realm of continental philosophy. He can be reached via email at

Notable Recent Acquisitions:

Contemporanea: A Glossary for the 21st Century, edited by Michael Marder and Giovanbattista Tusa; The Phantom Researcher by Robin Cousin; 101 Books for the Social Sciences, edited by Cyril Lemieux; A Portrait Gallery of Recuperation by Jaime Semprún; The Abuse of Property by Daniel Loick; Italian Operaismo: Genealogy, History, and Method by Gigi Roggero; The Secrets of Words by Noam Chomsky and Andrea Moro; Sexus Animalis: There Is Nothing Unnatural in Nature by Emmanuelle Pouydebat; Vegetal Entwinements in Philosophy and Art, edited by Giovanni Aloi and Michael Marder; Walking in Berlin: A Flaneur in the Capital by Franz Hessel; Terminal Documents: The Selected Non-Fiction of J. G. Ballard, 1962–2007, edited by Mark Blacklock; The Limit of the Useful by Georges Bataille; On Freud by Elvio Fachinelli; YEAR 1: A Philosophical Recounting by Susan Buck-Morss; Against Nature by Lorraine Daston.

The Secrets of Words

Noam Chomsky, Andrea Moro

Imaginary Languages

Myths, Utopias, Fantasies, Illusions, and Linguistic Fictions

Marina Yaguello, Erik Butler

Convention and Materialism

Uniqueness without Aura

Paolo Virno, Giorgio Agamben, Lorenzo Chiesa

Sexus Animalis

There Is Nothing Unnatural in Nature

Emmanuelle Pouydebat, Erik Butler

Walking in Berlin

A Flaneur in the Capital

Franz Hessel, Walter Benjamin, Amanda DeMarco


A Philosophical Recounting

Susan Buck-Morss