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The MIT Press listening room: June 2022 edition

The beginning of the universe, a digital bill of rights, and intentional empathy: A compilation of podcast interviews with our authors to kick off your summer travels

With summer upon us, avid readers face the prospect of some of their biggest fears: afternoons on a beach too windy to turn a page, or hours on road trips with friends or family who don’t listen to audiobooks. But lucky for you we’ve collected links to some wonderful podcast conversations with MIT Press authors to tide you over for your next read—listen on below.

Cover of Inclusion on Purpose by Ruchika Tulshyan, depicting the title, subtitle, and author name on a white background. At the top of the cover, bars of overlapping colors—blue, red, purple, cyan, and yellow—stretch down the cover image at varying lengths.

Inclusion on Purpose by Ruchika Tulshyan on Dare to Lead with Brené Brown: Inclusion on Purpose with Ruchika Tulshyan; on the Ellevate Podcast: Intentional Empathy with Ruchika Tulshyan; on NPR’s KUOW: DEI ’R’ US: Setbacks and progress on the road to belonging at work 

An Infinity of Worlds by Will Kinney on Trend Following Radio: Will Kinney Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio 

Beyond the Valley by Ramesh Srinivasan on Forward with Andrew Yang: Planned obsolescence, digital bill of rights, & regulating tech companies as public utilities 

Formulations by Andrew Witt on Harvard on the Map: Interview with Professor Andrew Witt 

Game Wizards by Jon Peterson on Save for Half: Game Wizards with Jon Peterson 

Cover of Out of Touch by Michelle Drouin, featuring a text chat box with a emoticon hand waving, and a reply chat box showing an ellipsis.

Out of Touch by Michelle Drouin on BBC Science Focus’s Instant Genius: The science of intimacy, with Dr Michelle Drouin; on the Women United podcast: The Bullfighting of Love with Michelle Drouin; and on Sex and Psychology Podcast: Let’s Talk About Sexting 

Carbon Queen by Maia Weinstock on Alan Alda’s Clear + Vivid podcast: Mike Brown and Millie Dresselhaus: Exploring the very big and the very small

Redesigning Work by Lynda Gratton on HBR Ideacast: Let’s Redefine the Role of Manager 

Language vs. Reality by Nick Enfield on New Books Network: Why Language Is Good for Lawyers and Bad for Scientists; and on Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps: The Language Of Woke Taboos 

Supernova by Or Graur on BBC Sky At Night Podcast: Understanding the science of exploding stars 

Cover of Reimagining Design by Kevin Bethune. The top half of the cover has a white background, and the bottom a black background. At the center of the image directly over the center line is a whorl made of overlapping black and white lines, extending from a center point.

Reimagining Design by Kevin Bethune on Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins: Your Working Life with Kevin Bethuneon Design Lab with Bon Ku: Designing Strategic Innovation with Kevin Bethune; and on In the Moment: How Reimagining Design Can Transform Lives and Organizations

The Digital Closet by Alexander Monea on Skylight Books’ Skylit Podcast: Alexander Monea, The Digital Closet; on In the Moment: How the Internet Became Straight; and Radical AI: Let’s Talk About Sex: Digital Pornography and LGBTQIA+ Censorship w/ Alex Monea

The Intermittent Fasting Revolution by Mark Mattson on Yogahealer Podcast: An Evolutionary Perspective on The Intermittent Fasting Revolution: The Brain Science with Mark Mattson; and on IHMC STEM-Talk: Mark Mattson talks about the benefits and science of intermittent fasting

WBCN and the American Revolution by Bill Lichtenstein on Monocle’s The Stack: Counterculture: ‘Fuori!!! 1971-1974’ and ‘WBCN and the American Revolution’