MIT Press to launch culture, arts, and architecture journal

CriticalProductive is a unique publication at the forefront of discourse and visual representation about the present and future conditions of cities and urban spaces

The MIT Press is pleased to announce the launch of CriticalProductive, an independent peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the intellectual project of culture, arts and architecture, edited by former USC School of Architecture Dean Milton S. F. Curry. Previously published as a pilot project in 2011 and 2013, this newly reimagined iteration of CriticalProductive will link scholars, designers, artists, and activists to collaboratively address issues related to visual culture, urban space, and cultural identity through creative work and scholarship.

The journal will serve as a platform for diversifying the production of new knowledge, inviting interdisciplinary and improvisational thinkers to reflect on contemporary culture, and experiment with provocative ideas on how to disrupt normative paradigms. CriticalProductive will publish topics including cultural theory, cultural studies, design, architecture and spatial practice, urbanism, landscape architecture, city design, contemporary art, humanities, and community activism. Journal sections include “Editor / Editorial Collective,” “Global Briefing,” “Criticism + Conversation,” and “Black Cities / Americas.” Led by a diverse Editorial Collective and editorial and design team, CriticalProductive is committed to disseminating innovative, culturally-informed, and experimental scholarship and creative work to a broad audience.

According to Editor Milton S. F. Curry: “The MIT Press is one of the global leaders in publishing rigorous scholarship and academic journals. We are excited to partner with the MIT Press on CriticalProductive, part of a constellation of actions aimed at diversifying academic scholarship and dissemination of creative work; and broadening the audiences of the work of our contributors.”

Curry is professor of architecture at the University of Southern California School of Architecture, where he was dean from 2017-2022. He is also principal of MiltonCurry ProjectStudio—a multidisciplinary design and consulting agency. Curry has edited and co-edited six independently published serial volumes of CriticalProductive and Appendx, and has authored influential essays and articles related to architecture, urbanism, race and cultural theory.

Nick Lindsay, director of journals and open access at the MIT Press, said: “We are delighted to be launching CriticalProductive, and we are thrilled that Milton Curry will lead this exciting new venture. We are looking forward to working together to bring this important scholarship to new audiences.”

CriticalProductive will publish in print and digital formats three times per year: spring, summer, and fall/winter. The call for projects for the first issue can be viewed here

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