Name Change Requests

We support authors, contributors, endorsers, etc., requesting a name change on prior and forthcoming publications published by the MIT Press. Whatever the circumstances (change in marital status, gender identity, or other personal or professional reasons), the Press is committed to facilitating the administrative process and making it as smooth and straightforward as possible.

How to File a Name Change Request:

If you are a books author…

Please reach out to your acquisitions editor and/or assistant and inform them of the name-change request. Your editor will be in touch shortly thereafter with a Name-Change Form that we ask you to complete and return in order to begin the administrative process. We will also send you a one-sheet outlining what you can expect from the process.

If your editor has left the press, or if you’re unsure whom to contact, please send a message to the Press editor who oversees titles in your discipline.

If you are a journals author…

Please reach out to the editor of the journal(s) directly.

If you are both a books and journals author…

Please write to both your acquisitions editor/assistant and your journal editor.

A list of all journals and contact information for each can be found at MIT Press Journals.