Noah Springer

Acquisitions Editor, Digital Humanities, New Media, Game Studies, HCI, and Design

Noah acquires titles across the fields of new media, game studies, the digital humanities, human-computer interaction, and design. He is interested in expanding these fields for general audiences and diversifying the authorship for this list. He also manages the new Radium Age book series and is interested in republishing forgotten science fiction classics. Noah holds a PhD in media studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter @noahjspringer.

Notable Recent Acquisitions:

Game Wizards by Jon Peterson, Code as Creative Medium by Golan Levin and Tega Brain,  Health Design Thinking by Bon Ku and Ellen Lupton, Digital Lethargy by Tung-Hui Hu, Beautiful Symmetry by Alex Berke, Hate Speech by Caitlin Carlson, Awkward Intelligence by Katharina A. Zweig (translated by Noah Block-Harley), Voices from the Radium Age edited by Joshua Glenn.

Design for a Better World

Meaningful, Sustainable, Humanity Centered

Don Norman

Digital Lethargy

Dispatches from an Age of Disconnection

Tung-Hui Hu

Health Design Thinking

Creating Products and Services for Better Health

Bon Ku, Ellen Lupton

Game Wizards

The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons

Jon Peterson

Code as Creative Medium

A Handbook for Computational Art and Design

Golan Levin, Tega Brain

Repairing Play

A Black Phenomenology

Aaron Trammell

Voices from the Radium Age

Joshua Glenn, Joshua Glenn

A World of Women

J. D. Beresford, Astra Taylor

The Clockwork Man

E. V. Odle, Annalee Newitz

Of One Blood

Pauline Hopkins, Minister Faust

What Not

Rose Macaulay, Matthew De Abaitua

The Lost World and The Poison Belt

Arthur Conan Doyle, Conor Reid, Joshua Glenn