Open Mind: Discoveries in Cognitive Science

Open Mind Now Accepting a New Article Format: Perspectives

The Open Mind: Discoveries in Cognitive Science editorial team announces the addition of a new article format called Perspectives. Combining elements of a short review and an opinion piece, these articles are intended to highlight critical issues in the field that would benefit from a new conceptual or methodological approach. Authors are encouraged to submit a short summary in advance to determine whether their article meets the goals of the journal and avoids overlap with others that have already entered the review process. The length limit for Perspectives submissions is 4,000 words.

The editors are pleased to announce that the following Perspectives have been approved and will be published in Open Mind in the next year:

“What Does Dorsal Cortex Contribute to Object Perception?” by J. C. Snow, E. Freud, and M. Behrmann

“What Speech Technology Can Tell Us About Infant Phonetic Learning” by N. Feldman, S. Goldwater, E. Dupoux, and T. Shatz

“Learning to Count is Algorithmic Inference” by S. Cheyette and S. T. Piantadosi

“Are the Psychological and Cognitive Sciences in Crisis?: Perspectives on Fairness and Need for Change” by R. M. Shiffrin and M. C. Frank

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