The MIT Press to Launch Hybrid Print and Open Access Book Series

November 26, 2018. Cambridge, MA – In Spring 2019, the MIT Press will launch <strong>Ideas series, a hybrid print and open access book series intended for general readers, that will  provide fresh, strongly argued, and provocative views of the effects of digital technology on our ideas and thus on culture, business, government, education, and our lives. These books are intended to expand our understanding of the impact of technology and to initiate conversations among the broad public. They are pointed, readable, and high-impact.

The authors are experts in their field who are writing for a broad public. The series is edited by David Weinberger, an author and senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

Books will be published in two formats—traditional print copies for sale in bookstores and digital open access editions available on the PubPub platform. Open access books are available in their entirety online for free and may be cited, quoted, and reprinted without fee or permission.

<strong>Ideas series books:

  • Explore hypotheses about the effect of digital technology on our lives
  • Are written for a smart but not necessarily technical readership
  • Are peer reviewed
  • May be available in draft ahead of their publication dates for community review on PubPub
  • Are published with generous support from the MIT Libraries

Forthcoming Books in <strong>Ideas:

Series Editor DAVID WEINBERGER is a senior researcher at the Berkman Klein Center. He is the author of Too Big to Know (2012), Everything is Miscellaneous (2007), Small Pieces Loosely Joined (2002), and coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto (2000). Interested in publishing in the <strong>Ideas series? Please contact: David Weinberger,


Media inquiries: Jessica Pellien,