Afterall Books

Afterall is a research centre at Central Saint Martins (UAL), in London. It has published its eponymous art journal since 1999, each issue featuring in-depth considerations of the work of artists, along with essays that broaden the context in which to understand it. In 2006, Afterall launched One Work, a unique series of books, each of which presents a single work of art considered in detail by a single writer. Offering a critical mapping of a work’s aesthetics and the cultural context in which it was made and that it has gone on to influence, the series provokes debate about significant developments in art’s recent history. Together, these beautifully illustrated books constitute a growing library of insights and analyses into the ideas, methods and ongoing influence of contemporary artworks. The One Work series sits alongside a number of other acclaimed series of Afterall Books, including: Two Works, Exhibition Histories, and Critical Readers.