Quiz: How many degrees separate you from a hacker?

Cover of The Weakest Link, featuring a graphic of a silvery white chain moving from bottom left to top right. The center link of the chain is highlighted as gold.

Phishing is the single biggest threat to cybersecurity, persuading even experienced users to click on hyperlinks and attachments in emails that conceal malware. Phishing has been responsible for every major cyber breach, from the infamous Sony hack in 2014 to the 2017 hack of the Democratic National Committee and the more recent Colonial Pipeline breach. 

In The Weakest Link, cybersecurity expert Arun Vishwanath offers a new, evidence-based approach for detecting and defending against phishing—an approach that doesn’t rely on continual training and retraining but provides a way to diagnose user vulnerability. And while many of us have played the parlor game that connects Kevin Bacon to another actor in six steps or less, have you ever stopped to consider how far removed you might be from a hacker?

Find out if you’re at risk with our quiz