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50 Years of Influential Books and Journal Articles

Anniversary Thoughts

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MIT Press has expanded its presence in information science.

A rigorous but finally productive editing process has been my experience – followed by attention given to design and promotion of  the book.

Better by design.

Julian Warner


MIT Press was the clear choice for a book that intersected ecology and design, and Clay Morgan recognized the value  of an interdisciplinary exploration of the burgeoning field of ecological restoration. The design list is deep and outstanding, and the  newer environment studies and nature series has achieved much in less than twenty years. As an author, working with the Press was a consummate experience: clear and wise editorial guidance, strong production and design standards, and long-term commitment to the list.


Eric Higgs


When I began to shift from agricultural anthropology to work on sustainability in the United States, I was delighted to discover the strong MIT collection.  As I’m working now on a third volume with MIT, I continue to appreciate the Press’s professionalism and commitment to expanding and disseminating new knowledge to address the critical issues of our time.

Peggy Barlett


As a student, learning the contours of my chosen vocation as a curator, I was keenly aware of the crucial role MIT Press was playing in shaping the field of knowledge I aspired to contribute to: theories of the visual arts and new media. My then boyfriend (a librarian) temporarily reorganised our book collection by publisher (Minnesota winters can have some very long nights) and the MIT Press shelf was the most impressive, holding the ideas I most wanted to know more about. I am grateful to the press for ensuring my bookshelves have been stacked with key texts ever since, and for bringing my work into the fold. Present day understandings of media theory, media art, and media histories would not be nearly so rich were it not for the authors whose ideas MIT has supported, in part through the Leonardo Series. Long may this interdisciplinary research continue. Happy anniversary MIT!   

Sarah Cook


MIT Press remains a exemplar of excellence and imagination that stands out uniquely in the world of publishing. I will never forget how Larry Cohen courageously accepted my first book and gave me the chance to be heard. Since then, he and his colleagues Sarah Meirowitz and Margy Avery continued to support my work with the greatest generosity and thoughtfulness through the appearance of three more books. They and their colleagues in editing, design, and marketing could not have been more excellent and sympathetic -- thank you Gita Manaktala, Cristina Sanmartin, Judy Feldmann, Anne Bunn, Erin Hasley, Yasuyo Iguchi! You all have made my life as an author a veritable heaven. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with MIT Press and congratulate it on its first fifty years.

Peter Pesic


In 1979 I was Editor of Computer Music Journal for a small publisher in Menlo Park, California. A mysterious fellow named Nilo Lindgren asked me for a meeting. In the meeting, he made a surprise offer to bring me to MIT. Soon I was living in Cambridge as a journal editor for the MIT Press and as a researcher at the MIT Experimental Music Studio. There begins 33 years of history with the MIT Press: including Frank Urbanowski, Ann Reinke, Paul Bethge, Terry Ehling, Frank Satlow, Christine Lamb, Janet Fisher, Doug Sery, Christina Sanmartin, among many others. The MIT Press has been a constant in my life. We have sold a lot of books. Recently in Beijing (October 2012) we had a book signing for the Chinese edition of The Computer Music Tutorial (MIT Press 1996), a flower of that original encounter. These days, when I am working on the Revised Edition of The Computer Music Tutorial (forthcoming) I am home. I am deeply grateful to everyone at the MIT Press. Best wishes for another 50 years!

Curtis Roads


One of my most favorite activities as a young graduate student at Harvard and MIT in the 1970s was building my library at the MIT Press annual book sales.  Years later, I was honored to be able to join the distinguished stable of MIT Press authors.  Acquisitions Editor Roger Conover took an immediate interest in our work on the meaning of gardens and offered his wisdom and firm hand to bring it to press.  It remains one of the most joyful and memorable experiences of my professional and academic life.  Congratulations MIT Press on your 50 years.

Mark Francis
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