Architectural History Foundation Books

This series featuring distinguished works of architectural history by emerging and established scholars was distributed by the MIT Press for the Architectural History Foundation, a nonprofit publisher of scholarly books in this field, which operated from 1978 until 1994. This series is no longer active.

Series editor: Victoria Newhouse

Léon Vaudoyer

Barry Bergdoll

Nov 29, 1994

The Paris of Henri IV

Hilary Ballon

Oct 05, 1994

Wright in Hollywood

Robert L. Sweeney, David G. DeLong

Jul 18, 1994

A Workshop for Peace

George Dudley

Jun 27, 1994

The Politics of the German Gothic Revival

Michael J. Lewis

Dec 10, 1993

Architectural Diplomacy

Gil R. Smith

Apr 13, 1993

Hans Poelzig

Julius Poesener, Kristin Feireiss

Aug 27, 1992

Baths and Bathing in Classical Antiquity

Architectural History Foundation

Aug 21, 1992

Architecture, Ceremonial, and Power

Gülru Necipoglu

Jan 21, 1992

Charles Garnier's Paris Opera

Christopher Mead

Nov 22, 1991

The Paris of Henri IV

Architectural History Foundation

Jun 21, 1991

Seventeenth-Century Roman Palaces

Patricia Waddy

Nov 30, 1990

Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Building

Jack Quinan, Edgar J., Kaufmann Jr.

Nov 17, 1989

Cathedral Bourges

Robert Branner, Shirley Prager Branner

May 11, 1989

Florentine New Towns

David Friedman

Feb 01, 1989

Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Carol Herselle Krinsky

Dec 05, 1988

Le Corbusier Sketchbooks

Architectural History Foundation

Aug 27, 1987

Mizner's Florida

Donald W. Curl

May 05, 1987

Ernest Flagg

Mardges Bacon

Mar 13, 1986

Charles Platt

Keith Morgan

Nov 14, 1985

The Law Courts

David B Brownlee

Nov 07, 1984

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna House

Architectural History Foundation

Oct 13, 1983

The Almighty Wall

William Morgan, Robert A. M. Stern

May 23, 1983

In Search of Modern Architecture

Helen Searing

Dec 30, 1982

The Hanna House Documents

Paul R. Hanna, Jean S. Hanna

Nov 04, 1982

Le Corbusier Sketchbooks, 1957-1964

Architectural History Foundation, Francoise de Franclieu

Sep 16, 1982

Le Corbusier Sketchbooks, 1954-1957

Architectural History Foundation, Francoise de Franclieu

May 05, 1982

Le Corbusier Sketchbooks, 1950-1954

Architectural History Foundation, Francoise de Franclieu

Dec 03, 1981

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna House

Paul R. Hanna, Jean S. Hanna, Architectural History Foundation

Nov 05, 1981

Le Corbusier Sketchbooks, 1914-1948

Architectural History Foundation, André Wogenscky, Maurice Besset, Francoise de Franclieu

Jun 01, 1981

Borromini and the Roman Oratory

Joseph J. Connors

Nov 20, 1980

Space Into Light

Christian F. Otto

Aug 22, 1979