Artificial Intelligence Series

The purpose of the MIT Press Series in Artificial Intelligence is to provide people in many areas, both professionals and students, with timely, detailed information about what is happening on the frontiers of artificial intelligence and computer science in research centers all over the world. This series is no longer active, and the MIT Press is no longer accepting proposals for books in the series.

Series editor: Daniel Bobrow, Michael Brady, Randall Davis, Patrick Henry Winston


Scott Fahlman

Mar 17, 2003

Visual Reconstruction

Andrew Blake, Andrew Zisserman

Mar 17, 2003

Object Recognition by Computer

W. Eric L. Grimson

Mar 17, 2003

Robotics Research

Michael Brady, Richard P. Paul

Mar 17, 2003

A Robot Ping-Pong Player

Russell L. Andersson

Mar 13, 2003

Made-Up Minds

Gary L. Drescher

Jan 01, 2003

Solving Geometric Constraint Systems

Glenn A. Kramer

Jan 01, 2003

Do the Right Thing

Stuart Russell, Eric H. Wefald, Daniel G. Bobrow, Michael Brady, Randall Davis

Jan 01, 2003

Qualitative Reasoning

Benjamin Kuipers

Jan 01, 2003

Legged Robots That Balance

Marc Raibert

Mar 13, 2000

Nonmonotonic Reasoning

Grigoris Antoniou

Mar 12, 1997

Solving the Frame Problem

Murray Shanahan

Feb 24, 1997

The Art of Causal Conjecture

Glenn Shafer

Nov 15, 1996

Computational Theories of Interaction and Agency

Philip E. Agre, Stanley J. Rosenschein

Jun 12, 1996

Rules of Encounter

Jeffrey S. Rosenschein, Gilad Zlotkin

Jul 12, 1994

Contemplating Minds

William J. Clancey, Stephen Smoliar, Mark J. Stefik

Apr 07, 1994

Thinking Between the Lines

Gary C. Borchardt

Feb 22, 1994

Building Problem Solvers Listings - 3.5

Kenneth D. Forbus, Johan De Kleer

Dec 03, 1993

Building Problem Solvers

Kenneth D. Forbus, Johan De Kleer

Nov 19, 1993

Three-Dimensional Computer Vision

Olivier Faugeras

Nov 19, 1993

The Soar Papers

John E. Laird, Allen Newell, Paul S. Rosenbloom

Jul 15, 1993

Machine Translation

Bonnie Jean Dorr

Jun 29, 1993

The Language Complexity Game

Eric Sven Ristad

Mar 17, 1993

Active Vision

Andrew Blake, Alan L. Yuille

Nov 12, 1992

Recent Advances in Qualitative Physics

Boi Faltings, Peter Struss

Oct 07, 1992


Joseph L. Jones, Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Emmanuel Mazer, Patrick A. O'Donnell

Jul 01, 1992

Geometric Invariance in Computer Vision

Joseph L. Mundy, Andrew Zisserman

May 27, 1992


Kenneth Man-Kam Yip

Nov 14, 1991

Vision, Instruction, and Action

David Walker

Jul 25, 1991

Experiments in the Machine Interpretation of Visual Motion

David W. Murray, Carlos Montemayor Roma de Vivar, Daniel G. Bobrow, Michael Brady, Randall Davis

Sep 27, 1990

Robotics Research

Hirofumi Miura, Suguru Arimoto

Aug 29, 1990

Vector Models for Data-Parallel Computing

Guy E. Blelloch

Aug 01, 1990

Artificial Intelligence at MIT

Patrick Henry Winston, Sarah Alexandra Shellard

Jun 22, 1990

Theories of Comparative Analysis

Daniel S. Weld

May 18, 1990

Solid Shape

Jan J. Koenderink

Mar 21, 1990

Automated Deduction in Nonclassical Logics

Lincoln A. Wallen

Dec 18, 1989

AI in the 1980s and Beyond

W. Eric L. Grimson, Ramesh S. Patil

Oct 12, 1989


David A. McAllester

Aug 11, 1989

Shape From Shading

Berthold K.P. Horn, Michael J. Brooks, Michael Brady, Daniel G. Bobrow, Randall Davis

Jul 14, 1989

The Connection Machine

W. Daniel Hillis

Feb 15, 1989

The Paralation Model

Gary Sabot

Sep 16, 1988

Robotics Research

Robert Bolles, Bernard Roth

Apr 21, 1988

Model-Based Control of a Robot Manipulator

Chae H. An, Christopher G. Atkeson, John Hollerbach

Apr 07, 1988

A Robot Ping-Pong Player

Russell L. Andersson

Mar 08, 1988

Reasoning About Change

Yoav Shoham

Oct 30, 1987

Knowledge-Based Tutoring

William Clancy

Jul 29, 1987

Robotics Research

Olivier Faugeras, George Giralt

Dec 30, 1986

Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings

Kokichi Sugihara

Sep 22, 1986

Turtle Geometry

Harold Abelson, Andrea diSessa

Jul 09, 1986

The Acquisition of Syntactic Knowledge

Robert C. Berwick

Aug 14, 1985

Robot Hands and the Mechanics of Manipulation

Matthew T. Mason, J. Kenneth Salisbury

May 30, 1985

Robotics Research

Hideo Hanafusa, Hirochika Inoue

May 28, 1985

In-Depth Understanding

Michael George Dyer

Aug 15, 1983

Computational Models of Discourse

Michael Brady, Robert C. Berwick

Mar 23, 1983

Robot Motion

Michael Brady, John Hollerbach, Timothy L. Johnson, Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Matthew T. Mason

Mar 10, 1983

Artificial Intelligence: An MIT Perspective

Patrick Henry Winston, Richard H. Brown

Feb 24, 1982

Artificial Intelligence: An MIT Perspective

Patrick Henry Winston, Richard H. Brown

Feb 24, 1982

From Images to Surfaces

W. Eric L. Grimson

Nov 18, 1981

The Interpretation of Visual Motion

Shimon Ullman

Mar 22, 1979