Basic Bioethics

The Basic Bioethics series makes innovative works in bioethics available to a broad audience and introduces seminal scholarly manuscripts, state-of-the-art reference works, and textbooks. Topics engaged include the philosophy of medicine, advancing genetics and biotechnology, end-of-life care, health and social policy, and the empirical study of biomedical life. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged.

Series editor: Arthur Caplan

Mental Patient

Abigail Gosselin

Dec 13, 2022

Ethics in Everyday Places

Tom Koch

Nov 01, 2022

Choosing Down Syndrome

Chris Kaposy

Aug 09, 2022

The Case against Death

Ingemar Patrick Linden

Feb 01, 2022

Vaccination Ethics and Policy

Jason L. Schwartz, Arthur L. Caplan

Aug 24, 2021

Good Ethics and Bad Choices

Jennifer S. Blumenthal-Barby

Aug 03, 2021

The Structure of Moral Revolutions

Robert Baker

Nov 12, 2019

New Methuselahs

John K. Davis

Jul 31, 2018

Re-Reasoning Ethics

Barry Hoffmaster, Cliff Hooker

May 04, 2018


Nicole Piemonte

Jan 12, 2018