Centre Canadien d’Architecture/Canadian Centre for Architecture

This series featured works published by the CCA, many of which were exhibition catalogs tied to CCA exhibitions. This series is no longer active, and the MIT Press is no longer accepting proposals for books in the series.

Series editor: Phyllis Lambert

Architecture and Cubism

Eve Blau, Nancy J. Troy

Feb 22, 2002

The New Spirit

Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe

Feb 24, 1997

Viewing Olmsted

Phyllis Lambert

Jan 14, 1997

Richard Henriquez

Howard Shubert

Feb 22, 1994

Uses of Models

Marc Grignon, John Wilton-Ely, Phyllis Lambert

Nov 12, 1993

Parables and Other Allegories

Melvin Charney, Alessandra Latour

Oct 22, 1991

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Phyllis Lambert, Larry Richards

Jun 16, 1989

Planned Assaults

Lars Lerup, Phyllis Lambert, Peter Eisenman

Jun 09, 1987