Engineering Systems

Engineering Systems combines engineering with perspectives from management, economics, and the social science in order to address the design and development of the complex, large-scale, sociotechnical systems that are so important in all aspects of modern society. The Engineering Systems Series provides a unique and effective venue for publication of textbooks and scholarly works that will assist in explaining and expanding the set of problems addressed by engineering.Editor: Joel Moses (MIT)

Series editor: Joel Moses

Engineering a Safer World

Nancy G. Leveson

Dec 16, 2016

Engineering Systems

Olivier L. de Weck, Daniel Roos, Christopher L. Magee, Charles M. Vest, Scott Cooper

Sep 02, 2016

Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications

Steven D. Eppinger, Tyson R. Browning

Feb 12, 2016

Understanding and Managing the Complexity of Healthcare

William B. Rouse, Nicoleta Serban

Jul 03, 2014

Flexibility in Engineering Design

Richard de Neufville, Stefan Scholtes

Aug 12, 2011