Foundations of Computing

By publishing comprehensive books and specialized monographs on the theoretical aspects of computer science, the series on Foundations of Computing provides a forum in which important research topics can be presented in their entirety and placed in perspective for researchers, students, and practitioners alike. This series is no longer active, and the MIT Press is no longer accepting proposals for books in the series.

Series editor: Michael Garey and Albert Meyer

Complexity Issues in VLSI

Frank Thomson Leighton

Mar 17, 2003

The Stable Marriage Problem

Dan Gusfield, Robert W. Irving

Jan 01, 2003

Dynamic Logic

David Harel, Dexter Kozen, Jerzy Tiuryn

Sep 29, 2000

Proof, Language, and Interaction

Gordon Plotkin, Colin P. Stirling, Mads Tofte

May 08, 2000

Computability and Complexity

Neil Deaton Jones

Jan 23, 1997

Foundations for Programming Languages

John C. Mitchell

Aug 29, 1996

Algorithmic Number Theory

Eric Bach, Jeffrey Shallit

Aug 26, 1996

Algebraic Semantics of Imperative Programs

Joseph A. Goguen, Grant Malcolm

May 22, 1996

Circuit Complexity and Neural Networks

Ian Parberry, Michael R. Garey, Albert Meyer

Jul 27, 1994

Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming

Carl A. Gunter, John C. Mitchell

Jun 15, 1994

Logic and Information Flow

Jan van Eijck, Albert Visser

May 06, 1994

From Logic to Logic Programming

Kees Doets

Jan 11, 1994

Hilbert's 10th Problem

Yuri Matiyasevich, Martin Davis, Hilary Putnam

Oct 13, 1993

Semantics of Programming Languages

Carl A. Gunter

Sep 14, 1992

Categories, Types, and Structures

Andrea Asperti, Guiseppe Longo

Aug 23, 1991

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists

Benjamin C. Pierce

Aug 07, 1991

Single-Layer Wire Routing and Compaction

F. Miller Maley

Dec 13, 1989

Realistic Compiler Generation

Peter Lee

Aug 01, 1989


Susumu Hayashi, Hiroshi Nakano

Dec 09, 1988

Algebraic Theory of Processes

Matthew Hennessy

May 25, 1988

Resource Allocation Problems

Toshihide Ibaraki, Naoki Katoh

Mar 25, 1988

Theory of Deductive Systems and Its Applications

Michael Gelfond, Vladimir Lifschitz, S. Yu. Maslov

Apr 27, 1987

Equational Logic as a Programming Language

Michael J. O'Donnell

May 30, 1985