Goldsmiths Press / Future Media Series

The Goldsmiths Press Future Media series calls for alternatives to utilitarian and instrumentalist “TED thinking” about media and technological futures. It encourages authors to propose a relatively short, sharp intervention into these futures informed by feminist, queer, trans, anti-racist and/or speculative approaches. Rather than offering quick technological solutions to social problems, the Future Media series is oriented towards thinking-in-action that embraces complexity and refuses easy, obvious, off-the-peg answers to questions about the forms media might take and how we might live mediated lives. The Future Media series will incorporate, where appropriate, “grey literature” such as briefs, sketchbooks and blogposts as well as familiar speculative formats such as the manual and manifesto. Authors are encouraged to reflect on how they are writing as well as what they are writing about and are free to explore modes of communication that are engaging and apposite to our goal of contesting the future.

Series editor: Shaka McGlotten and Helen V Pritchard