Information Infrastructure Project at Harvard University

This series emerged to address critical topics in information policy and the development of a global information infrastructure. A collaboration with Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, this series is no longer active or accepting new proposals.

Series editor: Brian Kahin

Internet Publishing and Beyond

Brian Kahin, Hal R. Varian

Aug 14, 2000

The First 100 Feet

Deborah Hurley, James H. Keller

Jul 06, 1999

Coordinating the Internet

Brian Kahin, James H. Keller

Aug 11, 1997

Borders in Cyberspace

Brian Kahin, Charles Nesson

Feb 06, 1997

National Information Infrastructure Initiatives

Brian Kahin, Ernest J., Wilson III

Dec 02, 1996

Converging Infrastructures

Lewis M. Branscomb, James H. Keller

Jun 17, 1996

Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure

Brian Kahin, Janet Abbate

Aug 14, 1995

Public Access To The Internet

Brian Kahin, James H. Keller

Aug 01, 1995