International Organization Readers

This series emphasizes certain themes in international political economy, particularly the connections between domestic and international political economy and how international institutions operate and change. It strives for thematic coherence while embracing controversy on issues ranging from the relative merits of approaches such as realism, rational institutionalism, and constructivism to the interaction between the pressures of an increasingly globalized world economy and the diverse institutions of domestic politics or the connections between security issues and political economy.

The Political Economy of Monetary Institutions

William Bernhard, J. Lawrence Broz, William Roberts Clark

Aug 29, 2003

Legalization and World Politics

Judith L. Goldstein, Miles Kahler, Robert O. Keohane, Anne-Marie Slaughter

Apr 13, 2001

International Institutions

Lisa L. Martin, Beth A. Simmons

Mar 02, 2001

Exploration and Contestation in the Study of World Politics

Peter J. Katzenstein, Robert O. Keohane, Stephen D. Krasner

May 24, 1999

Theory and Structure in International Political Economy

Charles Lipson, Benjamin J. Cohen

May 24, 1999

Issues and Agents in International Political Economy

Benjamin J. Cohen, Charles Lipson

May 13, 1999