Learning, Development, and Conceptual Change

This series in learning, development, and conceptual change will include state-of-the-art reference works, seminal book-length monographs, and texts on the development of concepts and mental structures. It will span learning in all domains of knowledge, from syntax to geometry to the social world, and will be concerned with all phases of development, from infancy through adulthood. The series intends to engage such fundamental questions as—The nature and limits of learning and maturation: the influence of the environment, of initial structures, and of maturational changes in the nervous system on human development; learnability theory; the problem of induction; domain-specific constraints on development; and The nature of conceptual change: conceptual organization and conceptual change in child development, in the acquisition of expertise, and in the history of science.

Series editor: Lila Gleitman, Susan Carey, Elissa Newport, and Elizabeth Spelke

Learnability and Cognition

Steven Pinker

May 24, 2013

Theory and Evidence

Barbara Koslowski

Nov 01, 2008

Mind Bugs

Kurt VanLehn

Oct 29, 2008

Approaches to Studying World-Situated Language Use

John C. Trueswell, Michael K. Tanenhaus

Oct 22, 2004

The Algebraic Mind

Gary F. Marcus

Jan 24, 2003

Making Space

Nora S. Newcombe, Janellen Huttenlocher

Jan 24, 2003

Language Creation and Language Change

Michel DeGraff

Jan 26, 2001

Systems That Learn

Sanjay Jain, Daniel N. Osherson, James S. Royer, Arun Sharma

Feb 16, 1999

Words, Thoughts, and Theories

Alison Gopnik, Andrew N. Meltzoff

Sep 01, 1998

Race in the Making

Lawrence A. Hirschfeld

Sep 01, 1998


Simon Baron-Cohen, Leda Cosmides, John Tooby

Jan 22, 1997


Alvin M. Liberman

Feb 27, 1996

Beyond Modularity

Annette Karmiloff-Smith

Sep 25, 1995

An Odyssey in Learning and Perception

Eleanor J. Gibson

Feb 03, 1994

The Child's Theory of Mind

Henry M. Wellman, Susan Carey, Lila Gleitman, Elissa L. Newport, Elizabeth S. Spelke

Oct 08, 1992

Learnability and Cognition

Steven Pinker, Susan Carey, Lila Gleitman, Elissa L. Newport, Elizabeth S. Spelke

Aug 28, 1991

Categorization and Naming in Children

Ellen M Markman

Feb 05, 1991

Systems That Learn

Daniel N. Osherson, Michael Stob, Scott Weinstein

Mar 14, 1990

Conceptual Change In Childhood

Susan Carey

Oct 05, 1987

From Simple Input to Complex Grammar

James L. Morgan

Nov 13, 1986


David Premack, Susan Carey, Lila Gleitman, Elissa L. Newport, Elizabeth S. Spelke

Mar 31, 1986