Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology

The Life and Mind series from the MIT Press aims to re-conceptualize the philosophy of biology and psychology by showcasing works that contribute to a meaningful cross-dialogue between philosophers and scientists. Books in the series focus on philosophical issues that arise from, and are relevant to, the practitioners in the behavioral, biological, and cognitive sciences.

Series editor: Kim Sterelny and Robert A. Wilson

From Signal to Symbol

Ronald J. Planer, Kim Sterelny

Oct 12, 2021

What's Left of Human Nature?

Maria Kronfeldner

Oct 16, 2018

Rock, Bone, and Ruin

Adrian Currie

Feb 16, 2018

A Mark of the Mental

Karen Neander

Jun 16, 2017

Mental Time Travel

Kourken Michaelian

Feb 05, 2016

Becoming Human

Jennifer Greenwood

Dec 11, 2015

The Measure of Madness

Philip Gerrans

Jul 03, 2014

Beyond Versus

James Tabery

May 09, 2014

Investigating the Psychological World

Brian D. Haig

Mar 27, 2014

Evolution in Four Dimensions

Eva Jablonka, Marion J. Lamb

Mar 21, 2014

Perplexities of Consciousness

Eric Schwitzgebel

Sep 13, 2013

Humanity's End

Nicholas Agar

Aug 16, 2013

Cooperation and Its Evolution

Kim Sterelny, Richard Joyce, Brett Calcott, Ben Fraser, Richard Joyce

Feb 22, 2013


Daniel Kelly

Jan 11, 2013

The Extended Mind

Richard Menary

Aug 17, 2012

Ingenious Genes

Roger Sansom

Sep 30, 2011

Describing Inner Experience?

Russell Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel

Aug 19, 2011

Laws, Mind, and Free Will

Steven Horst

Mar 11, 2011

Color Ontology and Color Science

Jonathan Cohen, Mohan Matthen

May 21, 2010

Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology

Robert C. Richardson

Jan 22, 2010

The Native Mind and the Cultural Construction of Nature

Scott Atran, Douglas L. Medin

Jan 22, 2010

The Evolution of Morality

Richard Joyce

Aug 24, 2007

Molecular Models of Life

Sahotra Sarkar

Jan 26, 2007

Evolution and Learning

Bruce H. Weber, David J. Depew

Jan 26, 2007

Evolution in Four Dimensions

Eva Jablonka, Marion J. Lamb

Sep 08, 2006

Seeing and Visualizing

Zenon W. Pylyshyn

Jan 20, 2006

Organisms and Artifacts

Tim Lewens

Aug 12, 2005

The Mind Incarnate

Lawrence A. Shapiro

Aug 12, 2005

Evolution and Learning

David J. Depew, Bruce H. Weber, Kim Sterelny

Jun 06, 2003

The New Phrenology

William R. Uttal

Jan 24, 2003

Cycles of Contingency

Susan Oyama, Russell D. Gray, Paul E. Griffiths

Jan 24, 2003

Coherence in Thought and Action

Paul Thagard

Jul 26, 2002

Cycles of Contingency

Russell D. Gray, Paul E. Griffiths, Susan Oyama

Apr 13, 2001