Lionel Robbins Lectures

Lionel Robbins was one of the outstanding men of his time; economist, public servant and supporter of the arts. He was associated with the London School of Economics for over 30 years both as Professor of Economics and as Chairman of the Court of Governors. During the war he was Director of the Economics Section of the War Cabinet and was one of the designers of the Bretton-Woods agreement which established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Lionel Robbins also chaired the Committee on Higher Education in 1963, the report of which has become a landmark in the development of higher education in the UK.The lectures, which were established in his name, take place each year on three consecutive days and are a major event in the life of the School, featuring eminent economists from around the world.

Series editor: Jonathan Shear

Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests

Ralph E. Gomory, William J. Baumol

Jun 07, 2022

Why Are We Waiting?

Nicholas Stern

Jul 29, 2016

Economics After the Crisis

Adair Turner

Sep 13, 2013

Central Banking in Theory and Practice

Alan S. Blinder

Jan 07, 1999

Determinants of Economic Growth

Robert J. Barro

Sep 01, 1998

Russian Reform / International Money

Yegor Gaidar, Karl Otto Pöhl

Jul 06, 1995

Poland's Jump to the Market Economy

Jeffrey Sachs

Aug 22, 1994

Lessons from the Great Depression

Peter Temin

Oct 08, 1991

Exchange-Rate Instability

Paul Krugman

Nov 02, 1988