Mediaworks Pamphlets

The Mediawork Pamphlets series pairs authors with graphic designers to produce intellectually sophisticated, visually compelling, inexpensively priced short works. The pamphlets take up the themes of art, design, technology, and market economies. Series editor director Peter Lunenfeld calls them “‘zines for grownups.”Mediawork Pamphlets are supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Jeffrey and Catharine Soros, and Art Center College of Design. Visit the Mediawork Pamphlets website. This series is no longer active.

Series editor: Peter Lunenfeld

Shaping Things

Bruce Sterling

Oct 07, 2005


Peter Lunenfeld

Jul 29, 2005

Rhythm Science

Paul D. Miller

Mar 19, 2004

Writing Machines

N. Katherine Hayles

Nov 08, 2002

Utopian Entrepreneur

Brenda Laurel

Sep 04, 2001