October Books

Founded in 1989, OCTOBER Books provides a forum for critical engagement with crucial moments in the development of the historical and contemporary avant-gardes. Building on the important role the journal played in introducing poststructural theory to the American art world, OCTOBER offers a platform for the innovative work of scholars today.

Series editor: OCTOBER Editorial Board

Gerhard Richter

Benjamin H. D. Buchloh

Sep 06, 2022

Art Demonstration

Claire Grace

May 24, 2022

On the Wings of Hypothesis

Annette Michelson, Rachel Churner, Malcolm Turvey

Oct 13, 2020

Total Expansion of the Letter

Trevor Stark

May 26, 2020

The Long Front of Culture

Kevin Lotery

Apr 14, 2020

Heritage and Debt

David Joselit

Mar 17, 2020

The Barbarian Invasions

Éric Michaud

Dec 03, 2019

Toward Fewer Images

Philipp Ekardt

Aug 07, 2018

Gesture and Speech

André Leroi-Gourhan, Anna Bostock Berger, Randall White, Adam Lehner

May 04, 2018

On the Eve of the Future

Annette Michelson

Feb 10, 2017