Organization Studies series

This series is no longer active. The MIT Press is no longer accepting proposals for books in this series.

Series editor: John Van Maanen

Symbolic Communication

Peter K. Manning

Jan 01, 2003

Strategic Pragmatism

Edgar H. Schein, Lester Thurow

Jun 17, 1996

Front Stage, Backstage

Raymond A. Friedman

May 17, 1994

The Workplace Within

Larry Hirschhorn

Jan 24, 1990

Sons of the Machine

George E. F. Lombard, Charles H., Savage Jr.

Jan 30, 1986

The Mediators

Deborah Kolb

Oct 21, 1985

Disorganized Crime

Peter Reuter

Oct 21, 1985

Industrial Democracy at Sea

Robert Schrank, John Van Maanen

Oct 19, 1983

Control in the Police Organization

Maurice Punch

Feb 03, 1983

Strategies for Change

Michel Crozier, Michael Beer

Apr 08, 1982

Competition and Control At Work

Stephen Hill

Dec 09, 1981