Platform Studies

The Platform Studies book series has been established to promote the investigation of underlying computing systems and how they enable, constrain, shape and support the creative work that is done on them. The series investigates the foundations of digital media — the computing systems, both hardware and software, that developers and users depend upon for artistic, literary, and gaming development. Books in the series will certainly vary in their approaches, but they will all also share certain features: A focus on a single platform or a closely related family of platforms; Technical rigor and in-depth investigation of how computing technologies work; An awareness of and discussion of how computing platforms exist in a context of culture and society, being developed based on cultural concepts and then contributing to culture in a variety of ways — for instance, by affecting how people perceive computing.

Series editor: Nick Monfort and Ian Bogost

Four Shades of Gray

Simon Peter Rowberry

Apr 05, 2022

Who Are You?

Alex Custodio

Oct 13, 2020

Racing the Beam

Nick Montfort, Ian Bogost

Feb 25, 2020

The Media Snatcher

Carl Therrien

Oct 08, 2019

The Future Was Here

Jimmy Maher

Jan 26, 2018

I Am Error

Nathan Altice

Sep 08, 2017

Super Power, Spoony Bards, and Silverware

Dominic Arsenault

Sep 01, 2017


Julien Mailland, Kevin Driscoll

Jun 30, 2017

Now the Chips Are Down

Alison Gazzard

Feb 12, 2016

Peripheral Vision

Zabet Patterson

Jul 17, 2015


Anastasia Salter, John Murray

Aug 29, 2014

Codename Revolution

Steven E. Jones, George K. Thiruvathukal

Feb 24, 2012