Sternberg Press / Solution Series

The Solution Series is a steadily growing collection of proposals related to nation-specific issues as well as contemporary borderless crises. Edited by writer Ingo Niermann, the series invites original and compact ideas from writers, artists, and designers familiar with the issues at hand. These solutions—which take the form of speculative essays, fiction, artistic interventions, design, or a combination thereof—are as imaginative as they are provocative, as unexpected as they are uncannily familiar.

Series editor: Ingo Niermann

Solution 295–304

Ingo Niermann, Marah J. Hardt

Sep 29, 2020

Solution 275–294

Ingo Niermann, Joshua Simon

Sep 08, 2017

Solution 257

Ingo Niermann, Amy Patton

Sep 02, 2016

Solution 263

Alhena Katsof, Dana Yahalomi

Sep 04, 2015

Solution 264–274

Ingo Niermann

Apr 03, 2015

Solution 262

Michael Schindhelm, David Strauss

Sep 05, 2014

Solution 239–246

Martti Kalliala, Jenna Sutela, Tuomas Toivonen

Apr 01, 2011

Solution 196–213

Joshua Simon

Sep 03, 2010

Solution 168–185

Tirdad Zolghadr

Sep 03, 2010

Solution 186–195

Ingo Niermann, Gerrit Jackson

Apr 02, 2010