Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought

For many years, SCGST was the pre-eminent book series on German political philosophy, publishing important translations from Adorno, Bloch, Gadamer, Habermas, Marcuse, Schmitt, and others. The series became dormant following the retirement of long-time series editor, Thomas McCarthy. Though still widely respected in philosophy, political science, sociology, and history, the series is no longer active.

Series editor: Thomas McCarthy

Theory and Politics

Helmut Dubiel, Benjamin Gregg, Martin Jay

Mar 25, 2016

Critique and Disclosure

Nikolas Kompridis

Aug 19, 2011

Cogent Science in Context

William Rehg

Aug 19, 2011

Democracy across Borders

James Bohman

Jan 22, 2010

Reflexive Democracy

Kevin Olson, Thomas McCarthy

Apr 28, 2006

Re-Presenting the Good Society

Maeve Cooke, Thomas McCarthy

Apr 07, 2006

Adorno's Negative Dialectic

Brian O'Connor

Aug 12, 2005


Hauke Brunkhorst, Jeffrey Flynn

Jun 10, 2005

Sublime Understanding

Kirk Pillow

Jan 24, 2003

The Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic Philosophy

Cristina Lafont, José Medina

Jul 26, 2002

Religion and Rationality

Jürgen Habermas

Jun 21, 2002

Global Justice and Transnational Politics

Pablo De Greiff, Ciaran P. Cronin

May 03, 2002

Beyond Hegel and Nietzsche

Elliot L. Jurist

Jan 25, 2002

Gadamer's Century

Jeff Malpas, Ulrich Arnswald, Jens Kertscher

Jan 18, 2002

The Postnational Constellation

Jürgen Habermas

Feb 02, 2001


Albrecht Wellmer, David Midgley

Jul 24, 2000

Critique and Crisis

Reinhart Koselleck, Thomas McCarthy

Mar 13, 2000

Public Deliberation

James Bohman

Jan 27, 2000

The Inclusion of the Other

Jürgen Habermas, Ciaran P. Cronin, Pablo De Greiff, Thomas McCarthy

Jan 27, 2000

The Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic Philosophy

José Medina, Cristina Lafont

Dec 20, 1999

Exact Imagination, Late Work

Shierry Weber Nicholsen

Jul 26, 1999

The Sovereignty of Art

Thomas McCarthy, Christoph Menke

Jul 26, 1999

The Semblance of Subjectivity

Tom Huhn, Lambert Zuidervaart

Jan 22, 1999

The Power of Dialogue

Hans Herbert Kögler, Paul Hendrickson

Jan 22, 1999

The Sovereignty of Art

Christoph Menke, Neil Solomon

May 29, 1998

Between Facts and Norms

Jürgen Habermas, William Rehg

Jan 23, 1998

Hannah Arendt

Larry May, Jerome Kohn

Aug 21, 1997

Perpetual Peace

James Bohman, Matthias Lutz-Bachmann

Jul 01, 1997

Between the Norm and the Exception

William E. Scheuerman

Jan 22, 1997

Language and Reason

Maeve Cooke

Jan 22, 1997

Perversion and Utopia

Joel Whitebook

Oct 31, 1996

Walter Benjamin's Passages

Pierre Missac, Shierry Weber Nicholsen

Oct 31, 1996

Shipwreck with Spectator

Hans Blumenberg, Steven Rendall, Thomas McCarthy

Oct 15, 1996

The Struggle for Recognition

Axel Honneth, Joel Anderson, Thomas McCarthy

Oct 11, 1996

Hannah Arendt

Jerome Kohn, Larry May

Jun 03, 1996

Between Philosophy and Social Science

Max Horkheimer, G. Frederick Hunter, Matthew S. Kramer, John Torpey, Thomas McCarthy

Aug 28, 1995

On Max Horkheimer

Seyla Benhabib, Wolfgang Bonss, John McCole

Aug 28, 1995

The Principle of Hope

Ernst Bloch, Neville Plaice, Stephen Plaice, Paul Knight

May 26, 1995

Walter Benjamin's Passages

Thomas McCarthy

Feb 24, 1995

Justice and Interpretation

Georgia Warnke

Sep 29, 1994


Theodor W. Adorno, Shierry Weber Nicholsen

Sep 29, 1994

Critique and Power

Michael Kelly

Jun 06, 1994

Civil Society and Political Theory

Jean L. Cohen, Andrew Arato

Mar 29, 1994

The Critique of Power

Axel Honneth, Kenneth Baynes

Oct 04, 1993

The Persistence of Modernity

Albrecht Wellmer

Oct 04, 1993

The Moral Self

Gil G. Noam, Thomas E. Wren

Aug 17, 1993

Habermas and the Public Sphere

Craig Calhoun

Mar 02, 1993

Adorno's Aesthetic Theory

Lambert Zuidervaart

Mar 02, 1993


Shierry Weber Nicholsen, Shierry Weber Nicholsen, Theodor W. Adorno, Jeremy J. Shapiro

Feb 12, 1993

Cultural-Political Interventions in the Unfinished Project of Enlightenment

Axel Honneth, Thomas McCarthy, Claus Offe, Albrecht Wellmer

Oct 16, 1992

Philosophical Interventions in the Unfinished Project of Enlightenment

Axel Honneth, Thomas McCarthy, Claus Offe, Albrecht Wellmer

Mar 13, 1992

The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Jürgen Habermas, Thomas Burger

Aug 28, 1991

The Dialectics of Seeing

Susan Buck-Morss

Jul 01, 1991

Communicative Action

Axel Honneth, Hans Joas, Jeremy Gaines, Doris L. Jones

Feb 28, 1991

Nietzsche and Political Thought

Mark Warren

Feb 19, 1991

On Walter Benjamin

Gary Smith

Feb 19, 1991

Political Romanticism

Carl Schmitt, Guy Oakes

Feb 19, 1991

The Communicative Ethics Controversy

Seyla Benhabib, Fred R. Dallmayr, Thomas McCarthy

Oct 22, 1990

Futures Past

Reinhart Koselleck, Keith Tribe

Aug 15, 1990

Fate and Utopia in German Sociology, 1870–1923

Harry Liebersohn, Thomas McCarthy

Aug 15, 1990

Weber and Rickert

Guy Oakes, Thomas McCarthy

Aug 15, 1990

The Ubiquity of the Finite

Dennis J. Schmidt

Mar 14, 1990

The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity

Jürgen Habermas, Frederick G. Lawrence

Mar 14, 1990

The Moral Domain

Thomas E. Wren, Thomas McCarthy

Feb 21, 1990

The Genesis of the Copernican World

Hans Blumenberg, Robert M. Wallace, Thomas McCarthy, Suhrkamp Verlag

Oct 12, 1989

Hegel's Ontology and the Theory of Historicity

Herbert Marcuse, Seyla Benhabib, V Klostermann Gmbh, Thomas McCarthy

Oct 12, 1989

Self-Consciousness and Self-Determination

Ernst Tugendhat, Paul Stern, Paul F. Steinberg

Sep 07, 1989

The Utopian Function of Art and Literature

Ernst Bloch, Jack Zipes, Frank Mecklenberg

Mar 06, 1989

Political Theology

Thomas McCarthy

Aug 30, 1988

The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy

Carl Schmitt, Ellen Kennedy

Jun 22, 1988

Nietzsche and Political Thought

Thomas McCarthy, Mark Warren

May 19, 1988

Work on Myth

Hans Blumenberg, Robert M. Wallace

Mar 18, 1988

Understanding and Explanation

Karl-Otto Apel, Georgia Warnke

Mar 18, 1988

Critical Theory and Public Life

John F. Forester

Sep 02, 1987

Natural Law and Human Dignity

Ernst Bloch, Dennis J. Schmidt

Sep 02, 1987

Philosophical Apprenticeships

Hans-Georg Gadamer, Robert R. Sullivan

Mar 13, 1987

Political Romanticism

Guy Oakes, Carl Schmitt

Oct 10, 1986

Science, Action, and Fundamental Theology

Helmut Peukert, James Bohman

Aug 28, 1986

The Other

Michael Theunissen, Christopher Macann

Feb 07, 1986

Political Theology

Carl Schmitt, George Schwab

Jan 23, 1986

The Legitimacy of the Modern Age

Hans Blumenberg, Robert M. Wallace

Oct 21, 1985

Understanding and Explanation

Thomas McCarthy, Suhrkamp Verlag

Dec 19, 1984

Hegel and the French Revolution

Joachim Ritter

Mar 15, 1984

Reason in the Age of Science

Hans-Georg Gadamer, Frederick G. Lawrence

Sep 14, 1983

History and Structure

Alfred Schmidt, Jeffrey Herf

Sep 14, 1983


Theodor W. Adorno, Shierry Weber Nicholsen, Samuel Weber

Mar 29, 1983