Transportation Studies

The series presents works across the broad spectrum of transportation concerns. Some volumes report significant new research, whereas others give analyses of specific policy, planning, management, or methodological issues. Still others show the close interaction between research and practical application in policy or management. Each individual work is intended to be in in-depth treatment from a particular viewpoint. Together the works in the series present a broad perspective on the field of transportation as a whole.

Discrete Choice Analysis

Moshe Ben-Akiva, Steven R. Lerman

Apr 20, 2018

Qualitative Choice Analysis

Kenneth Train

Dec 23, 1985

Port Economics

Jan Owen Jansson, Dan Schneerson

Oct 06, 1982

The Urban Transportation System

Alan Altshuler, James P. Womack, John Pucher

Feb 26, 1981

Miles to Go

James A. Dunn, Ctr For Transportation

Feb 26, 1981

Fundamentals of Transportation Systems Analysis

Marvin L. Manheim, Ctr For Transportation

Jul 19, 1979

Planning And Politics

Juri Pill

Apr 12, 1979

The Automobile and the Environment

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Ralph Gakenheimer, Ctr For Transportation

Oct 05, 1978