Washington Quarterly Readers

This series is no longer active. The MIT Press is not accepting proposals for books in this series.

Series editor: Alexander T. J. Lennon

Global Powers in the 21st Century

Alexander T.J. Lennon, Amanda Kozlowski

Aug 01, 2008

The Epicenter of Crisis

Alexander T.J. Lennon, Amanda Kozlowski, Monica Hertzman

Jan 11, 2008

Reshaping Rogue States

Alexander T.J. Lennon, Camille Eiss

Jul 09, 2004

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

Alexander T.J. Lennon

Aug 29, 2003

Contemporary Nuclear Debates

Alexander T.J. Lennon

Oct 25, 2002

What Does the World Want from America?

Alexander T.J. Lennon

Oct 25, 2002

New Forces in the World Economy

Brad Roberts

Mar 13, 1996

Weapons Proliferation in the 1990s

Brad Roberts

Aug 14, 1995

U.S. Security in an Uncertain Era

Brad Roberts

Aug 02, 1993