Writing Architecture

The Writing Architecture series was established in 1995 and now includes over a dozen books. Sponsored by the Anyone Corporation and edited by Cynthia Davidson, the series takes a distinctly cross-disciplinary approach to the subjects it covers, and offers books that are by turns polemical, speculative, and experimental — “rewriting” architecture as much as writing it.

Series editor: Cynthia Davidson

Architecture and Abstraction

Pier Vittorio Aureli

Jul 25, 2023

Architecture's Theory

Catherine Ingraham

Apr 18, 2023


Andrew Witt

Jan 11, 2022

On Accident

Edward Eigen, Reinhold Martin

Feb 02, 2018

The Second Digital Turn

Mario Carpo

Oct 20, 2017

Noah's Ark

Hubert Damisch, Anthony Vidler, Anthony Vidler, Julie Rose

Feb 12, 2016

Oblique Drawing

Massimo Scolari, James S. Ackerman, Jenny Condie Palandri

Jan 30, 2015

Project of Crisis

Marco Biraghi

Aug 30, 2013

A Question of Qualities

Jeffrey Kipnis, Alexander Maymind

Aug 02, 2013

A Topology of Everyday Constellations

Georges Teyssot

Feb 22, 2013

The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture

Pier Vittorio Aureli

Feb 11, 2011

The Alphabet and the Algorithm

Mario Carpo

Feb 04, 2011

Architecture's Desire

K. Michael Hays

Oct 02, 2009

Drawing for Architecture

Léon Krier, James Howard Kunstler

Jul 10, 2009

Histories of the Immediate Present

Anthony Vidler, Peter Eisenman

Apr 18, 2008

Strange Details

Michael Cadwell, Nader Tehrani

Jun 08, 2007

Public Intimacy

Giuliana Bruno, Anthony Vidler

Mar 16, 2007

Architecture from the Outside

Elizabeth Grosz, Peter Eisenman

Jun 22, 2001

Fire and Memory

Luis Fernández-Galiano, Gina Cariño

Dec 22, 2000

Welcome to the Hotel Architecture

Roger Connah, Daniel Libeskind

Jun 05, 1998

Such Places as Memory

John Hejduk, David Shapiro

Apr 28, 1998


John Rajchman, Paul Virilio

Feb 20, 1998


Ignasi de Solà-Morales, Graham Thompson

Jan 07, 1997

Architecture as Metaphor

Kojin Karatani, Sabu Kohso, Michael Speaks, Cynthia Davidson

Oct 05, 1995

Earth Moves

Bernard Cache, Michael Speaks, Anne Boyman, Cynthia Davidson

Oct 05, 1995