Zeuthen Lectures

The Zeuthen Lectures offer a forum for leading scholars to develop and synthesize novel results in theoretical and applied economics. They aim to present advances in knowledge in a form accessible to a wide audience of economists and advanced students of economics. The choice of topics will range from abstract theorizing to economic history. Regardless of the topic, the emphasis in the lecture series will be on originality and relevance. The Zeuthen Lectures are organized by the Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen. The lecture series is named after Frederik Zeuthen, a former professor at the Institute of Economics.

Series editor: Carl-Johan Dalgaard

Tax Systems

Joel Slemrod, Christian Gillitzer

Dec 13, 2013

Competition and Growth

Philippe Aghion, Rachel Griffith

Jan 25, 2008

Wage Dispersion

Dale T. Mortensen

Jan 14, 2005

Political Economics

Torsten Persson, Guido Tabellini

Jan 25, 2002

Forecasting Non-Stationary Economic Time Series

Michael P. Clements, David F. Hendry

Jan 26, 2001

Modeling Bounded Rationality

Ariel Rubinstein

Jan 23, 1998