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For Current Authors

Here you will find a variety of administrative, promotional, and accounting forms, most available in PDF format. (You will need the latest version of the Adobe Reader in order to view and print most of these forms.)

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

If your book has been accepted for publication, please follow the relevant guidelines as you prepare to submit the final version of your manuscript for copyediting and production. It is very important that we receive the manuscript and accompanying art package, index, abstracts, keywords, and other materials by the agreed upon date, and in the proper format.

As an author, it is your responsibility to obtain permission for any illustrations or text excerpts that you plan to include in your own book or article. As a general rule, authors must obtain permission to reproduce any work created by other persons unless it is within the public domain or the “fair use” provisions of copyright law. Permission is needed for photographs, drawings and other artworks; text excerpts; maps, charts, graphs; and any other work protected by copyright. Note that creative works, such as photographs or fine art illustrations and excerpts from poems, songs, plays, or novels, almost always require explicit permission for their use. 

In order to be included in your book, each such piece of art or text will need to be cleared for worldwide publication in both print and digital formats. We strongly suggest not including work that comes with limitations on its use. It might be possible to find substitutes that can be cleared for use in all of the forms your book may ultimately take: hardcover, paperback, e-book editions, and so on. 

If the publisher or rightsholder of the material does not use Rightslink or have their own online request form, we recommend using these letters:

Please keep copies of all correspondence requesting permission and plan to send to your acquisitions editor any documents granting permission; he or she will need these when you deliver your final manuscript. At that time, your editor will also need to know about any permission you have not yet secured, or any limitations on the use of the material for which you have been granted permission.
We recommend consulting the Association of American University Presses guide to this process:
Please contact your acquisitions editor with any questions about the permissions process.
Author Questionnaire

If your book is under contract with the MIT Press, please download and complete this questionnaire, which seeks suggestions for promoting and selling your book. (Note that this questionnaire should not be used for proposing new projects.) Please return the questionnaire to your editor prior to the submission of your final manuscript.

Author Questionnaire, standard form:
  • Word Document
  • PDF (This PDF version contains forms and requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It will not work with Adobe Reader).
Author Questionnaire, form for textbook authors:
  • Word Document
  • PDF (This PDF version contains forms and requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It will not work with Adobe Reader.)

Royalty Payments and Tax Information

Overview of tax and royalty information

( Royalty payments, tax treaty procedures, and claims for MIT Press authors)

Requests for electronic files of MIT Press books

The practice of the MIT Press is not to distribute unsecured electronic versions of MIT Press books unless we have previously agreed to publish them as open access editions. Authors who would like access to final PDF versions of their own books or book chapters on or after publication may request these files for limited use in their own research or writing. (Pre-publication files are not available.) We ask that authors refrain from posting book files or distributing them to students, colleagues, or anyone else. This is to protect their own interest in the work as well that of the press. Unsecured PDFs can quickly make their way to file sharing sites where illegal copies of copyrighted works are available for download. 

If you require digital files of your book for any reason, please contact your acquisitions editor. If your request is for course use, please contact our textbook manager, Michelle Pullano.

Digital Partners and Products

The MIT Press offers books and journals in a variety of formats. We work with leading vendors and content aggregators and host several of our own collections.

Digital Products

We are pleased to offer the MIT Press e-books store, where you can browse and purchase full-text, online access to recent MIT Press titles. The e-books sold on this site are fully searchable and can be stored on your personal digital bookshelf. New titles are added to this store on a regular basis; just look for the e-book buy button on specific book pages, or head right to the store at

MIT Press publishes over 30 journals in a wide variety of disciplines, all of which are available online in full text. Both libraries and individuals can purchase e-only subscriptions to MIT Press journals such as International Security, World Policy Journal, Daedalus, and African Arts, through our website:

MIT CogNet is the online location for the brain and cognitive science community’s scientific research and interchange. The platform provides the full text of more than 550 books and reference works and access to the full text of six MIT Press Journals.  New titles are added each season. 

Digital Partners

The following programs carry many of our titles.  Each collection and service has its own pricing and delivery system.