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Rights & Permissions

These two documents explain the basics of copyright law and set guidelines for the fair use of excerpts of MIT Press books. They can be downloaded together in one PDF document or individually:

Copyright Guidelines

Guidelines for Fair Use of Our Publications

These guidelines were made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The MIT Press wishes to thank The University of Chicago Press and William S. Strong, Esq., of Boston, Massachusetts, who compiled these guidelines in collaboration with its staff. While every effort has been made to make these guidelines accurate, copyright law is both wide and intricate, and these guidelines make no claim to be exhaustive, nor should they be construed as legal advice or substitute for consultation with a knowledgeable attorney in any particular circumstance.

©2005 by The University of Chicago and The MIT Press.

Need to request permission to republish material from the MIT Press?

For Book excerpts, please download and return the request form.

For Journal articles, please follow the instructions on the Journals copyright & permissions page.

For further information, please contact:

Worldwide Permissions & Rights Info, Books:

Pamela Quick
Permissions Manager
The MIT Press
One Rogers Street
Cambridge MA 02142-1209
phone: 617-253-0080
fax: 617-253-1709

Foreign Rights and Translations, Books:

Bill Smith
Director of Intellectual Property Licensing
The MIT Press
One Rogers Street
Cambridge MA 02142-1209
phone: 617-253-0629

Worldwide Permissions & Rights Info, Journals:

Permissions Assistant
The MIT Press
One Rogers Street
Cambridge MA 02142-1209