Praise for the first edition

"This is the first introductory book I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to construct computer programs . . . if you are looking for a book to thrust into the hands of someone who wants to be initiated into the power and pleasures of programming, this book is the best I have seen yet."
Kenneth D. Forbus, Artificial Intelligence, 27:1

"The book should be obligatory for anyone involved in teaching computer science at degree level: it will convince them that inside computer science there really is a true science trying to get out."

David Barron, The Times Higher Education Supplement

"Because of its clarity, simplicity and wit, this work is highly recommended to anyone seeking an understanding of the emerging paradigms of computer science . . . the book should be read by every self-respecting computer scientist."

Mitchell Wand, American Scientist

"My only problem with this book is the fact that it is far too fascinating for a first course in computing. I tried to browse it, but I was immediately sucked into reading every wonderful word. Be warned: don't open a copy of this book until you are ready for a programming feast."

Jon Bentley, Communications of the ACM