Introductory assignment

Relevant section in text: 1.1

The goal of this initial assignment is to get students typing at the computer and running Scheme. It deals with evaluating simple expressions, both on paper and using the interpreter, and it introduces some of the basic mechanics of using the Edwin editor.

This assignment also introduces the Scheme debugger. In our teaching, we've found it very valuable to get students using the debugger right at the outset. This helps instill the habit of thinking about the errors they encounter, which saves a lot of grief in later assignments. The assignment also includes some playing around with the ways in which our computers at MIT are connected to the rest of the network.

In order to make much use of this assignment (beyond the simple evaluation exercises) you will need to be running the Edwin editor and integrated debugger, which is included with the MIT distribution of Scheme. If you are not using this version of Scheme, we suggest that you create an analogous initial assignment to give students experience with the simple mechanics of using the system, before they have to confront the more difficult conceptual material to come.

Files for download:

ps1_1.tex TeX source for the assignment
ps1_1.scm Scheme source code required for this assignment Postscript file for printing the assignment

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