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Pages 210-211
First published 30 July 2014

JBotEvolver: A Versatile Simulation Platform for Evolutionary Robotics

Miguel Duarte, Fernando Silva, Tiago Rodrigues, Sancho Moura Oliveira, and Anders Lyhne Christensen

Abstract (Excerpt)

This paper introduces JBotEvolver, a versatile simulation platform for research and education in evolutionary robotics (ER). JBotEvolver is a Java-based open-source, cross-platform framework available at under the GNU GPL. JBotEvolver has been used in a number of previous ER studies of our research group, from offline evolution to online evolution and learning, and from single to multirobot systems (for examples see Duarte et al. (2014a,b); Silva et al. (2012a,b)), and in a number of undergraduate and graduate courses at ISCTE-IUL.