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Pages 274-281
First published 30 July 2014

Associating Nearby Robots to their Voices

Plamen Ivanov and Dylan Shell

Abstract (Excerpt)

It can be useful for a robot in a team to recruit the help of others after considering their poses in space. When the initiating robot is aware of the network addresses (or IDs) of the robots it may ask for cooperation over the network. But if the initiating robot is ignorant of their IDs then it becomes rather more complex or time consuming. In this paper, robots use a simple visual (locally sensed) gesture (such as a light being turned on or off) in addition to wireless messages to quickly and effectively establish a one-to-one association between physical location IDs and wireless IDs. This paper identifies, describes, formalizes, and then generalizes the problem of establishing a local association between neighboring robots’ physical location IDs (in the reference frame of an observing robot) and their wireless IDs. We describe three algorithms that solve this problem: two are deterministic algorithms and one is a probabilistic algorithm. Using the algorithms and formalism, we examine the structure underlying this association problem.