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Pages 312-319
First published 30 July 2014

Swarm Grammars GD: Interactive Exploration of Swarm Dynamics and Structural Development

Sebastian von Mammen, Sarah Edenhofer

Abstract (Excerpt)

We present an interactive simulation of Swarm Grammars (SGs). SGs are an extension of L-Systems, where symbols of the production system are considered agents, whereas the given production rules determine their differentiation or reproduction. Assigning boid properties to the SG agents yields spatial dynamics apt to building structures in space and to collaborate stigmergically. In the presented interactive simulation, we put an emphasis on accessible interactive visuals for shaping the initial configuration of the simulation, to program the agents' perceptual and productive behavioural abilities, to dynamically drive developmental stages and to fine-tune visual structural properties such as colouring and scaling of the utilised developmental building blocks. Our system has been successfully deployed to promote swarm dynamics and developmental processes as important aspects of Artificial Life in a playful way. We present results from deploying the simulation in the context of an event to promote STEM research among high-school girls.