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Pages 569-570
First published 30 July 2014

Informational Architecture of the Fission Yeast Cell Cycle Regulatory Network

Hyunju Kim, Paul Davies and Sara Imari Walker

Abstract (Excerpt)

Life seems distinctive in its ability to process and store information. However, precisely what distinguishes information handling in living systems from that of their non-living counterparts remains to be rigorously quantified. A key challenge is that in living systems information is distributed through hierarchically structured networks and appears to play a causal role in the dynamics (Walker and Davies, 2013). Thus the characterization of biological information requires both notions of information flow and of causation. While useful tools for quantifying information transfer and causal structure exist in complex systems research, they have been little applied to distributed information processing in biological networks, particularly at the most fundamental level of biological organization—biochemistry. Thus, which these measures—and in what combination—might best elucidate the informational architecture of biological networks is unknown.