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Pages 588-595
First published 30 July 2014

Multiagent System Architecture in Orphibs II

Nuno Barreto, Luís Macedo and Licínio Roque

Abstract (Excerpt)

Orphibs II is an Artificial Life game where the player takes the role of a caretaker of alien-like creatures called Orphibs. Each orphib is an autonomous agent that has its own personality, given by internal utility functions that can be genetically transmitted. In this paper, we present the architecture behind the agents present in the game we developed, as they feature a new mechanism built on top of a Goal-Based Behavior approach: genetic personalities. Genetic personalities introduce behavior variability for A-Life games and account for new gameplay mechanics such as artificial behavior selection. We start by surveying the state of the art regarding approaches to Multiagent Systems in videogames, in general, and Artificial Life games, in particular. We then describe the architecture behind the agents in Orphibs II, including their reasoning system and evolutionary mechanism. Finally, we present a discussion and potential future work.