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Pages 769-770
First published 30 July 2014

Designing a Robotic Platform Controlled by Cultured Neural Cells

Norihiro Maruyama, Atsushi Masumori, Julien Hubert, Takeshi Mita, Douglas Bakkum, Hirokazu Takahashi and Takashi Ikegami

Abstract (Excerpt)

Robot experiments using real cultured neural cells as controllers are a way to explore the idea of embodied cognition. Real cultured neural cells have innate plasticity and a sensory motor coupling is expected to develop the neural circuit. We designed a system in which a robot moving in a real environ- ment is controlled by cultured neural cells growing on a glass plate attached to a High-Density Microelectrode CMOS Array(HDMEA). The IR sensors on a robot will feedback onto the neural cells through HDMEA and the activity of the neural cells will be read again by HDMEA and sent back to determine the speed of the robot. Most of the previous works have used the relatively low-density multi-electrode array for recording and stimulating the neural assembly. Our system has the advantage of a high-density spatial and temporal array so that we can precisely detect which neurons get fired and suppressed. A preliminary finding from the experiment is that synchronized neural activation is retained in cultured neurons even after detached from a robot.