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Pages 957-962
First published 30 July 2014

Framework for Adaptive Swarms Simulation and Optimization using MapReduce

Sergi Canyameres, Doina Logofătu

Abstract (Excerpt)

Natural swarms can have multiple structures and follow many different patterns or laws. Most recent studies try to obtain the best solutions in very specific and sophisticated contexts. In this research, instead, an application to find a reasonable approximation to the behaviour of any possible incoming environment is developed. This paper describes a basic framework, GUI and algorithms established in a way that can be easily modified and adapted to desired paradigms, parameters and rules. In experimental research, this will be able to provide help for many applications where natural swarm patterns are followed but no deep, expert simulator has yet been developed. To deal with the complexity of the biggest applications, the simulations are to be run in parallel computing using the MapReduce framework.