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First published July 1 2016

The BINC Manifesto: Technology driven societal change, science policy & stakeholder engagement

Steen Rasmussen

Abstract (Excerpt)

Throughout history, whenever new technologies have emerged that change our means of production and ability to communicate they have tended to transform society. Spearheaded by digitization, followed by emerging living and intelligent technologies, our world is currently being transformed into something we have difficulty imagining. The transition is likely similar in scale to what we experienced moving from an agriculturally based society to the industrial society, although it will occur at a much faster pace. I present key qualities of our emerging societal transition, discuss underpinning scientific issues, and propose a way the scientific community could engage. Finally, I document how part the European Commission, the Danish Parliament and Press as well as interested stakeholders engage (or not) in the process of creating a brave new world.