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First published July 1 2016

PajaroLoco: A suite of programs to study complex adaptive properties of animal language. An example of a Cassins vireo syntax network.

Hctor Snchez, Edgar Vallejo, and Charles Taylor

Abstract (Excerpt)

Animal language may be regarded as a complex adaptive system. Although there is software for identifying linguistic units or phrases in animal vocalisations, packages for analysing the grammatical properties of phrases sequences are scarce. PajaroLoco is an open-source Mathematica package for the study of these features. This paper is a demonstration of the capabilites of PajaroLoco using as an example the syntax network from a Cassins Vireo individual. Our intention is to illustrate how it could be used for other network analysis tasks in the artificial life community. It should be noted, though, that it is not our purpose to perform a thorough description of the species grammar as we are currently working on other aspects of that field of study (Arriaga et al., 2015; Hedley, 2015).