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First published July 1 2016

Artificial Interaction between Two Isolated Micro-Algae Populations for Autonomous Pattern and Rhythm Formation

Kazunari Ozasa, June Won, Simon Song, and Mizuo Maeda

Abstract (Excerpt)

We demonstrated new scheme of artificial life, which conducts the temporal evolution of real-living-cell distribution by giving programmable interactions to the cells. By using optical interlink feedback, two groups of isolated micro-algae cells were artificially interacted each other. The micro-algae cells responded to the illumination pattern produced with artificially designed algorithms, leading to the autonomous evolution of cell distribution in micro-aquariums. Habitat domain separation and autonomous oscillation of cell density were realized with the interlink feedback. In habitat domain separation, the initial fluctuation of cell density distribution grew with the interlink feedback, accompanying clustering of high-density areas. In autonomous oscillation, the photo-responses of two micro- algae determined the period and waveform of the oscillation.