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Pages 43-50
First published 2 September 2013

An alife game to teach evolution of antibiotic resistance

Guillaume Beslon, Bérénice Batut, David P. Parsons, Dominique Schneider, Carole Knibbe


The emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria is a major threat to public health and there is a constant need for education to limit dangerous practices. Here, we propose to use alife software to develop training media for the public and the physicians. On the basis of the Aevol model we have been developing for more than six years, we built a game in which players fight bacterial infections using antibiotics. In this game the bacteria can evolve resistance traits, making the infection more and more difficult to cure. The game has been tested with automatic treatment procedures, showing that it behaves correctly. It has been demonstrated during the French "Nuit des Chercheurs" in October 2012.